Mobile massage

What is mobile massage service?

Mobile massage service office is already established Mobile massage abroad and started to become practical also in United Kingdom. London’s employees have the opportunity Mobile massage to feel the effects of massage on their skin office. This service is intended mainly to employees’ job description included in the state office hours. The employer wants from the employee’s performance. An employee Mobile massage from the employer wants support and motivation. When crossing the turbulent company, employee motivation is the main topic.

For the employer: low Mobile massage costs for a benefit granted to the employee .For the employee: by releasing muscle tension (stress factor) and by playing wellness increase performance and productivity. For massage technique in the office do not use massage oils or creams, but Mobile massage directly on clothes. This method is very convenient to those who benefit from this service. For this type of massage it is used classical massage table, only that this massage tool requires a larger space for furnishing, especially if the application is for 2-3 people simultaneously.

Mobile massage

What are the benefits of a mobile massage?

Because it can reduce risks of illnesses, especially if followed by some stretching exercises or gymnastics or medical procedures laser and magnetic therapy, massage office becomes a measure of importance. Japanese method of relaxation at work involves a type of massage adapted office, a chair specifically designed to support the entire body, although the beneficiary to undress. A massage session lasts and covers a big part of the back, shoulders, neck, head and arms. It has been proven that massage sessions at the office:

Releases tension and relaxes tired muscles;

Reduce side effects associated with repetitive tasks performed in a seated postures;

Energizes and motivates employees;

Increase performance and employee productivity;

Analysis staff shows that the  employer cares;

Improves employee perception of the workplace;

Strengthens employee loyalty.

Mobile massage London

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