Erotic massage

We are here to make you enjoy moments of pleasure and bliss full benefits of a quality erotic massage.
Enter a world where masseuses will provide an unforgettable experience.
Prostate Massage 4 You parlor is erotic massage suitable for men, women and even couples.
Here you can relax and escape the stress  erotic massage of the workplace, you will freshen day and receive inspiration for the future. We offer our clients maximum attention erotic massage and we offer several types of massage.
erotic massage can be done by one or erotic massage two girls at the same time (so-called four hands massage). The hands of our skilled therapists knows exactly what areas of your body need maximum attention.
Our masseuses from Prostate Massage 4 You uses, in the first place, fingers to caress. Once prepared for erotic massage, the masseuse will massage your whole body using her breasts, abdomen and buttocks, so you can enjoy session the right way.
Erotic Massage

Basic rules of erotic massage


Best place for a massage, erotic or not, floor (which she will put a thick blanket and soft), a massage table, and sometimes the bed (if it is right and slightly soft). The table massage is the most erotic massage frequently chosen location for a massage, but if it is not right and comfortable, it will put pressure on the neck, shoulders and back massage one who receives.


erotic massage should not engage and clothes. During such massage it is best to be naked, even the therapist who provides massage. If you feel more comfortable you can choose a pair of boxers. However, remember that erotic massage is much … if you feel the skin touch each other.


Since the erotic massage is conducted without clothes and the environment should be pleasant, the girl should ventilate the room before, doing little heat (if winter) and maintaining a temperature erotic massage of 24-25 ° C.

The decor and atmosphere

Your goddess will call the eternal scented candles and incense, the fluffy towels, diffuse lights and soft music, exactly the same decor as for a relaxing atmosphere.

Products used

Find out that erotic massage is synonymous with gentle massage oil, scented and flavored aphrodisiac. Using soft brushes with confidence back, relaxing effect creams and scented petals it will be the perfect scene. A massage technique is important to heat the oil in hands before applying or to keep massage oil bottle in a container with warm water.


If erotic massage will include genital area, then it will be used a water-based lubricant. Oil based lubricants are not recommended in the genital area, because the oil is not clean easily and is not as well assimilated sensitive genital area, so it can cause an infection by bacteria multiplying.
Erotic Massage London

Movements and massage techniques

Here’s what erotic massage of each zone, from prostate massage london the top down!

Head and face

The best way to start and conclude a massage is massage the head and face. This area involves light touch massage and relaxing,. For massaging the erotic massage scalp, forehead, temples and cheeks it is not need a massage oil, but can at most, a face cream with light texture.
First, she will run her fingers through your erotic massage hair, then continue by massaging the scalp easy with just the fingertips. Circular motion, she get to rub your temples only index and middle fingers. Slightly erotic massage down on the cheeks and jaw, repeating moves up and down, as erotic massage if some drops of rain fall. Then, with the thumb and forefinger massage the earlobes and ears. The therapist will return circular motions around the eyes, eyebrows and lips .

Neck and shoulders

Here is a query and tense area, which fully deserves a erotic massage! It is essential that the shoulders and neck to be among the top so that she can defuse customer’s entire body. By respecting this rule, you will be able to enjoy maximum pleasure erotic massage.
She will put a little massage oil palm, rub the palms of her hands then positioned either side of the spine, the neck, massage using only two thumbs. By using her fingertips, not nails, so that should even be cut short or medium. Down along the spine to the middle, with gentle movements, putting her erotic massage thumbs over each other, as it would take the race. Return above, she will apply a little oil on her hands and put them to one side and the other of the neck, moving them slightly circular. She will repeat the movement, going towards the shoulders.

The back and buttocks

Lumbar massage is very receptive to. By applying and massage oil continues to move along the spine, as I’ve explained above, as thumbs would get to race in moving parallel to the buttocks.
Arrived in the lower back, massage movements continue as she pinch, but lighter and with all her fingers. Then weakens pace and return to slight movements, in which the girl press erotic massage with all hand while massaging. The therapist came and buttocks, which have to rub the erotic massage inner side of the arms, specifically with the inside of the palm and elbow, with which she press lightly on the buttocks by up and down movements. When she is done, gently massage the triangle between the buttocks and coccygeal bone. It is an area that attracts a lot of tension and ask for a relaxing massage.
The key to any massage, especially on the back and buttocks, is energetic movements to alternate with the light.


Your goddess will kneel beside you so she can focus on the erotic massage thighs and calves.
First, she will take a slightly larger amount of oil palms, hold it a little to warm and stretch it across the leg, from the knee up and down. First massage the knee, around his circular movements of the thumbs. It is no need to press, because in this area there are many blood vessels prone to breakage. In erotic massage the thighs massage it is simple and does not have to last very long. Thighs are erogenous zones, sensitive touch erotic massage of this kind. Calves must be massaged a little more energetic, with movements similar to those of the spine (in this case fingers, hands, succeed in moving parallel).

The soles

Here are some powerful sensual massage, that men adore! Massaging the soles is called “soul massage”. If the customer is tickling the soles would be better to give up foot massage, by focusing only on the fingers and directly below a circular motion and pressed. Then she will take each finger in hand, imitating the movements of running and stretching.
London Erotic Massage


If you want your massage session to be “to completion”, then it is best to leave after massaging the penis. Just to have, and partner with your genital area. In this area she can use only water-based lubricant, not oil!
Technique: erotic massage of the penis somewhat resembles techniques used for oral sex, just that she should not use her mouth or repeat moves up and down along the erotic massage penis. In this case involves massaging the penis to take it in her hands, as she run easily between palm then pinched, then hand over to use as she cover, pressing lightly and moving very slowly. The girl will repeat this set of movements several times and let you write your own experience!

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